BlackPods Pro
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BlackPods Pro


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Blackpods pro is a truly wireless headphone. Black pods pro connect to your phone seamlessly. These are the best and the cheapest headphones you can buy right now.

Beautiful, sleek, and convenient blackpods pro is a masterpiece in the entertainment industry. These wireless earbuds look beautiful dangling from your ears. Those small headphones are the coolest audio accessories you can buy.

These pods are very easy to use, you only have to connect them manually with your device one time, every time you put them in your ears they will start working automatically and seamlessly.

When you are done just put them back in the case and they will start charging.

Now let’s have the look at some of its features in detail.

Audio Quality:

The audio quality of black pods pro is very good. Music sounds very good through them. The pro has also a chip inside which helps people to interact with Siri.


Blackpods are wire-free and are made from matt plastic which gives a matt look. Blackpods are designed in such a way that they fit perfectly in your ear and the design is universal and they fit perfectly in a variety of ears.

It does not provide noise cancelation but it is not much. You will only hear a little bit of sound but it will not ruin your music experience.

Each blackpods pro has a stem or tail which comes down out of your ear to give extra support and stability and also store internal components.

Because they are wireless, so they can be used independently. You can wear one pod or can wear both pods while working or exercising in gym.

They work just like standard earphones because of their latest technology.

The technology is so high that it can automatically detect when you put them in your ear or take them out. If you pull them out, your music pauses and starts when you put them back in.

Charging Case:

The case of Blackpods pro has a very strong battery and can charge your pods several times and gives you a 24-hour of usage. The case can be charged with the wire of the iPhone which you already have.

You can tell the charging by the LED indicator outside the case.

The case actually has two uses. One is that you can charge your pods and second you can store your pods inside it so they don’t get lost.

The case is a small container that fits easily inside your pocket or bag. Opening the lid near your iPhone or IOS device starts the pairing process.

Battery Life:

The Blackpods pro version lasts up to 5 hours with a single full charge. But if you are using pods for a phone call then the battery drains faster.

With the Blackpods charging case you can get more than 24 hours of listening or 18 hours of talk time. A quick charge feature can give you 3 hours of listening time with just a 15-minute charge.

Compatible Devices:

Blackpods work with all iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone 11 series. But they are not compatible with iPhones like the iPhone 4s.

As for iPads, Blackpods works perfectly with iPad Air, iPad mini and later version, 5th-generation iPad, and all iPad Pro models.

Blackpods works perfectly with all Apple watches models.

They are also compatible with 6th-generation iPod, 4th-generation apple tv, and apple tv 4k.

They also work with non-apple devices over a standard Bluetooth connection.


Over the last decade, Apple has contributed a lot to the world of technology. As everybody knows Apple is a tech giant in the market. They are trying their best to take us to a wireless future.

Blackpods pro is essentially a wireless headphones, cheaper but best version of AirPods. They come in a neat charging case with a completely sleek and beautiful design. The case features a lightning connector for charging the battery, enabling the pods to get the juice when not plugged in with the wire.

If you have ever experienced pairing a Bluetooth device with a phone or tablet, you must have faced trouble. But with Blackpods you will fee a frisson while connecting it to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Just flip the lid of the case near your iPhone while the Bluetooth is enabled. A panel will appear asking you to connect the pods with your phone.

Tap the connect button and you are good to go. There is a second panel that will display the battery status of the pods and the case.

You will feel the audio quality is very good just like the AirPods as this product is referred to by a lot of users who are using this right now.

Because everyone knows apple products are always expensive, and only a few amounts of people can buy them and enjoy them.

But with Blackpods everyone can experience the fun of true wireless earbuds and can enjoy their music while working or exercising.


As for 3 months, our team tested the Blackpods in every way. And found they are the best and cheapest wireless headphones.

Black pods are just like other wireless headphones but with the best build quality, durable, long battery life. They are compatible with almost every Apple device and non-apple device having a Bluetooth connection.

The sound quality is very good and clear with the perfect mix of tribble and base. If you buy them you will not regret spending your money on this product.


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