BlackPods 2
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BlackPods 2


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BlackPods 2 have become a very common accessory, and people who have them naturally want to use them with other devices. However, there is no direct way to work because of the different Bluetooth protocols used by macs and BlackPods.

What is BlackPods 2?

BlackPods 2 is a beautiful device. It also contains so many advanced technologies. You can see above it’s a combination of multiple devices in one single box. It’s an effort to modernize the old wired headphone with new wireless technology. This BlackPods is fully WI-FI enabled, hence is no need for any cable or Bluetooth. And this feature makes it different from other existing headphones. As we know, WI-FI has much more range as compared to Bluetooth. So you can roam very far from your TV system and enjoy the WI-FI music directly from your BlackPods 2 box.


It is a wireless headphone for Television that works on Wi-Fi technology with a range of 100 feet (30 meters). It is a TV headphone with a transmitter. The central unit is the headphone, and the other part is the transmitter. There are two parts because WI-FI doesn’t have a range as compared to radiofrequency. These headphones can be used for listening to music from iPhone, iPod, Mobile Phone, Pc etc. Just connect your device with the BlackPods 2 transmitter and enjoy WI-FI music. Also, there is an Android application for BlackPods 2. With this app, you can listen to your favorite music directly from your Android smartphone or tablet. Even to control volume, track etc.

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